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jueves, 2 de noviembre de 2017

Help Catalonia, Save Europe. Tyler Preston destroying his own speach.

Good demonstration of how stupidity can be found in every ideology. But it is better to not to spend time and efforts in the analyses of stupid videos. So, now, I am waiting for a serious analyse from you about how there were no government in Spain that had followed the Spanish laws, and an analyse of how PP, the present party who controls Spain have been created by Manuel Fraga Iribarne, who is a well-known fascist, friend of Francisco Franco, the Iberian friend of Adolf Hitler. And also, a serious analyse of how PP allowed to dead Cubans to vote in several Spanish elections, or how Aznar (from PP) had been involved in the "illegal" by UN war for petrol under the ridiculous lies of massive destruction weapons in Iraq which had produced the expansion of the terrorism problematic by the increase of the destabilization of Middle East. And finally, I am waiting also for an analyse from you about how the actual boss of our (Spanish) military forces and therefore, of our "democratic" country when he wants, is a king, not elected by any citizen, phylogenetic tree which was chosen to be in this mandatory place by Francisco Franco, I repeat, the Iberian friend of Adolf Hitler. Revolutions in Spain, Mr. Preston, including independence pressures inside this ridiculous, laic but ultra-catholic, democratic but king-rolled, rich but undeveloped country are expressions of that democracy and laws were never followed in Shhhh Pain. SO many people are now waiting for your next videos talking about RELEVANT ISSUES: Thank you very much. Your sincerely, Dr. Arnau Rodríguez Illamola

"This is Barcelona, Catalonia, Europe" She hadn´t said: "European Union here, as you said: Ji go de puza... Coño!  ; )  Maybe, Mr Preston, you are, a very stupid Yankee as you called yourself in the first sentences, after all... So, let´s study your video carefully. It will be more interesting as I thought.

Uau! mother fucker (in your words). She didn´t say anything about all the Catalans are separatists. Was you who had generalized it. 

About violence: Yes, she is lying. There are no demonstrations with an emotional propertry in the human history which is completely protected from violent people. But knowing the context we live and have lived in Spain from the Spanish Second Republic, at least, two or three isolated videos of violence by presumed independentists in the process we could see in Catalonia in the twitter era are only probes of the general peaceful way that is used by people in their demonstrations. Why you don´t share videos which probe the violence of the people who actually have the executive power of Spain and that have the only theoretical responsibility to ensure the security of people in the country they say they are?

You say: "So basically, the Catalonian separatists called the girl whore just because they are different from them" Well, again a scam from you. This time by reductionism. Because you say that all the Catalonian separatists said whore to that girl in case that "some people we dont, said whore to somebody" (I can´t use this in a judge to confirm that the "whore" was destined to the girl)

Yes. Police always is in high danger because common people possess guns and massive destruction weapons, and usually are prepared to fight, meanwhile police is a group of non-armed, innocent and peaceful people afraid of everything. Very well-informed Preston, let me tell you that this is not TEXAS and weapons are in police hands, not in citizen hands. Well, some Nazi citizen groups in Spain who are in the streets and not in jail, as happens in Germany like the people you see here saying hello with the Hitler greetings and with posters of PP (the Spanish government) in the wall behind, do have weapons: http://ssspain.blogspot.com.es/2017/10/la-legalidad-en-espana-y-otros-cuentos.html

You say something about disrespect. Again, this is not an argument. Reality knows nothing about respect. Maybe you would like to stop possible revolution pressures with the argument of that a revolution are not respecting the believes of others. This is a childish idea typic of a naive mind, but not an argument. 

"To some people, the European and the Spanish flags represent freedom, human rights and democracy" Well, also the major part of the population of the world believe in God and this, obviously does not mean that they are right. And this is not an argument..., to not to show the reality, don´t you think, clever and well-informed Mr. Peston? By the way, here a very brief explanation of why any country in the world have democracy. This is not an opinion, it is a fact based on the definition of democracy. So, in your educated style of oral communication: if it is necessary, let the truth fuck the respect to believers. Development only happens when the respect to believers is dissolved by the truth. Well, and about European Union, I could also tell you some things about the UE (I can say now that I know something more than you about European Union and Human Rights, especially to what concerns the Syrian refugees, but unfortunately, I have no time for the moment. Sorry, this is in Spanish, but you are clever enough to follow it, I hope: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UoP_mSIHqTY

From 4:27 to 5:21 it is only the typical stupid neoliberalist American strategy of publicity dedicated to poor mind public and with no argument. And the scenes of violence are the probe of the amazing scare of violent events lived in such an extraordinary and complicated situation in Catalonia. Probably, if something similar to what happens in Catalonia occurs in California we would see another civil war in the USA. But, believe me, people here don´t have the same number of weapons than in Colombine

Well, finally you talk about something interesting. You say something about, as Catalans have not follow the 155, they have troubles with the law and the police. Well, welcome to what a revolution is. They didn´t follow the Constitution because essentially, they do not consider the Constitution of Spain part of them. Also, I can tell you that every second from 1978, the governments of Spain, now PP, didn´t follow any of the principal roles of the Spanish constitution. So, be informed my friend, and the listen more, and then listen more, and then, read more, and the perhaps, somebody will listen to you seriously. For the moment, I see that yes, it is demonstrated that you are one of the very stupid yankees you said firstly in the video (in your own words, not mine). Only I would like to add a suggestion. Try to solve your USA human rights in Guantanamo before judging the rest of the world... MUSSSSHHHAS GRASIAS ; )

Was not the Spanish government who declare the referendum illegal, but rather was the Constitutional Court that made it illegal Yeah, the shame, sorry, the same Constitutional Court that have denied the Statute of Catalonia of 2006 which could avoid these problematics which you see now in Catalonia and in Spain. The same Constitutional Court which its 60 % approx. was elected by the PP, remember, the party that governs Spain and which came from Manuel Fraga Iribarne, the friend of the friend of Adolf Hitler, and the party that does not follow the laws of the Constitution and that allowed dead Cubans vote in Spain, that produced problems to count the votes of emigrated Spanish people and that did more things that are impossible to describe, including the participation in a war which was not illegal by the Constitution but by the Union Nations yeah, do you remember Iraq? I will refresh your memories. You are welcome: http://ssspain.blogspot.com.es/2017/10/normal-0-false-false-false-en-gb-x-none.html

And about the guarantee of a serious regulation of the referendum of Independence in Catalonia, I can say: Mr. Preston, maybe voting more than once in Spain is not a tradition. Here what we do is permitting dead people voting, or not to count votes from the Spanish emigrants that PP don´t want to count. Maybe, will be impossible to make a better job than what you have seen in the referendum of 2017 when all the world is against that referendum. And again, we will never know what is the percentage of Catalans that wants Catalonia inside Spain, not because of separatist desires, but because of the desire of the people who don´t want a referendum asking for this topic. I have also a serious question to ask you. Why the fuck you think you need to use fuck in every fucking sentence? No, the serious question is this one: Why should you lie with this video, Mr. Preston, if it is so clear to you that the video you are talking about is plenty of false facts? Wait. You say you are just somebody who watch the news. Ah ok. Here the reason. You are not informed, you are uninformed by the media, which always is in hands of lobbies So, kid, just a suggestion: try to be informed before talking about something you now absolutely nothing, and be polite when you talk about mother fuckers or whatever. When arguments will be with you, you will discover that the ridiculous over expressions will only produce the feeling that, as you mentioned, you are only a not informed stupid surrounded by, I hope, informed citizens of the USA.

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  1. Pero hombre, le pides peras al olmo. Algo que he visto muy común a todos estos finos analistas yankis es que todos dicen que hay que respetar la ley, sea cual sea, blablabla, pero parecen ignorar que su propia nacion se articula en una desobediencia a la ley inglesa, legitima y aprobada por un parlamento... Bueno, en Venezuela o Ucrania o Siria si que les gusta que la gente mate policias o ponga bombas, eso ya les da igual.
    En fin, me está gustando tu blog, un saludo!