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jueves, 8 de diciembre de 2016

Radioactivity and earthquakes, what the future could show us...

Apart from the places affected by armed conflicts, desertification or other climate disasters and by the nuclear terrorism menace by nations or terrorist groups, probably, the most risky places to human populations in our planet are the populated areas limited by subduction or by continental plate collisions, the areas near supervolcanoes and the areas which are exposed to potential tsunamis. But all these mentioned cases achieve apocalyptic conditions with planetary consequences limited in the time to thousands of years when in these places there are installations of nuclear power plants, nuclear missile silos, nuclear waste warehouses, uranium mines or where are nuclear wastes, lost atomic weapons or atomic devices.

Discarding the nuclear technology, the human conflicts and the climate disasters the most known risky places of the planet to the human populations are marked in red. These areas are the places of tectonic subduction and of plate encounters with high population density and where earthquakes are very frequent and occasionally of great magnitude. Possible areas of intracontinental frequent earthquakes are not shown since this is a non totally well known phenomena.



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